Monday, July 13, 2009

WORDS WORDS WORDS at the Newport Festival

4 July, the Newport Bowling Club was the venue for WORDS WORDS WORDS. This open mic event was organised by the Storytelling Guild for the Newport Festival. Throwing caution to the wind, I MC'd the show with the help of Michael Reynolds and Simon Kerr. We attracted a crowd of 70. Folk from all points of the compass. Michael R - poet and the man behind Passionate Tongues at the Brunswick Hotel, is also a photographer. For this I am thankful as I accidentally deleted all my pics from the day. The enthusiasm for events like this is overwhelming and I am in no doubt that we will have WORDS again in 2010. Our guests recited and sang Lawson, original works, invited us to join the John Shaw Neilson Society, they told fairytales and chanted Aussie bush verse - we had it all. Special thanks to Stephen Whiteside for rearranging his life to take a spot at the mic. JJ, Imelda, Claudette, Josie, Jim, Wendy and Helen and Kala. Simon Kerr for his songs and Viv Wiles for her exquisite poems. Enjoy the pics ... L to R: Jackie, Mary Jane Wylie. Dave Davies , James Howard. Lish, Matteo. THE END


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