Thursday, March 19, 2015

World Storytelling Day 2015

This year the theme for World Storytelling Day is 'wishes'. With the help of my friend Gerry Nelson, I recorded my very first Kamishibai story. Hmm perhaps I have stretched the concept of the wish a little, but hey! What the heck!

Enjoy ...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Making a Kamishibai rig for my bike.

So much as I love my wooden Kamishibai stage made by my friend Ted Smith, it is just too precious for the the rough and tumble gigs. So I decided to try and make a lighter one.

Turns out, we had some super thick cardboard in the shed - industrial strength.

I'll let the pictures tell the story. Suffice to say - I have been enjoying myself, I think it looks fabulous and it works!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

House Concert for Storyteller Taffy Thomas

It was thrill to learn a few months back, that revered UK storyteller Taffy Thomas would be visiting Victoria. Storytelling Australia Victoria tried to get Taffy into some public venues but at such short notice - it was just not possible. The 'big houses' in town plan a year ahead.

So we opened up the doors to our home and hosted a 'Welcome Taffy Thomas House Concert'. Here are few pics from the day.

Taffy was the first Storytelling Laureate in the UK and held that position for two years. Some time ago, he acquired a Tale Coat". This coat is an exquisite piece of work crafted by one of Britain's finest textile artists.  We were lucky to see it up close.

 The House Concert was made possible by the support of Storytelling friends from Storytelling Australia Victoria, Jan Wositzky and Teena Hartnett. Other contributors included musicians Michael Stewart and Bruce Williams from the Newport Fiddle and Folk Club. It was documented by Gerry Nelson and Alex Kharnam and in time we hope to have some of it up on you tube so others can enjoy.

Macedon Ranges Sustainable Living Festival 2015


It was a last minute decision to put together a storytelling tent for the Macedon Ranges Sustainable Living Festival.

Story mate, Kate Lawrence and I,  are convinced that stories have a place in amongst the stalls promoting solar energy and bio char! I mean ... what could be a more sustainable activity than oral storytelling? It has certainly endured the test of time.

It was exhausting, but our marquee looked brilliant and I would do it all again. We promoted our storytelling organisation, Storytelling Australia Victoria and local storytellers Peter Fernon and Suzanne Sandow made a splash.

Now we are dreaming about story tents!


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