Monday, February 4, 2019

World Wetlands Day 2019

It looks like, where I live is going to get a dedicated building that will provide focus for our local environment: the Hobsons Bay Wetlands Centre.

I had a splendid day with my like-minded buddies participating in the inaugural event to raise awareness for this terrific project.

We created a pop-up flock of shore birds! My little video tells the story.

And Sarah Depasquale and I performed an edited version of Tales from the Flyway; perfect location and full house. This time we were on the back verandah of a cottage a couple of hundred metres from the sandy flats where shore birds gather to feed in Altona.

Many thanks to these wonderful people who contributed to the success of the day:
Kate Gorringe-Smith, print maker, educator and brilliant advocate for the shore birds.
Diver Matt, marine ecologist and one who never fails to get people excited about the wonders of Port Phillip Bay.
Loraine Callow, all round top person who knows a lot about paints and what to buy and lots of other things besides.


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