Monday, August 17, 2015

Feeling blessed spending time with fine women storytelling friends.

Feeling blessed spending time with fine women storytelling friends with big hearts and embracing ideas.

The week began with a visit to Mariam Issa and her RAW project 'Resliant Aspiring Women'. In the company of Kate Lawrence we drove across town to see Mariam's garden and talk story and ideas about how the Storytelling Australia Victoria can support events during 2016.

Then on the weekend I trained off to Kyneton to visit Suzanne Sandow, who has been telling stories, painting children's faces, directing and reviewing theatre ... for years. She showed me some of the beautiful performance venues in Kyneton, including The Bluestone Theatre and introduced me to the movers and shakers behind the Lost Trades Fair. Together we pondered the ways storytelling might be included in such an event.
But my main destination for the weekend was Maryborough to visit Ronda Gault. Ronda has been involved with Storytelling Vic for decades - a teacher, librarian, French speaker, goat hearder and chicken wrangler.

Ronda decided it was time to initiate a Storytelling circle in her home town. So as part of the Words in Winter Festival she decided to run a beginners workshop where people could hear a story, learn a story and tell a story.

Wearing my presidential hat (Storytelling Australia Vic) I was keen to support this idea. I dream of Storytelling Circles dotted around Victoria where ordinary people can gather, where everyone can be heard - all ages, genders, cultures. What better way to strengthen compassionate community and build collective and personal resilience.

If you're interested in learning more about the Maryborough Storytelling Circle contact Storytelling Australia Victoria:


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