Saturday, September 5, 2015

100 Story Buildng and Ethiopian New Year September 2015

Well it just makes sense for 100 Story Building to host an activity when Ethiopian New Year is being celebrated right outside the front door.

100 Story Building is about providing opportunities for marginalised young people to develop literacy skills, confidence and a sense of belonging but its also a lot of fun mucking with stories written, drawn, acted, told ... whatever takes your fancy!

Living a short bike ride away from Footscray, where they are located, I'm able to volunteer at times and its good to know that my odd bag of
skills are useful.

A festival tragic, when asked to do a shift during the Ethiopian New Year Festival, of course I jumped.

Simon Conlon and I set up a table in the Mall with pencils and paper and the children were invited to draw comics and try and cover one of the windows. While I looked after the comic factory, Simon had all kinds of magical things happening inside including shadow puppets.

A slow start but in the end I had a table full of of
story makers. Every now and then I was able to zip away and snap some photos of the events on stage.

I love living west of the Yarra in the thick of a multicultural community.

Learn more about 100 Story Building HERE

You might like to join me  and become a volunteer?


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