Monday, October 16, 2017

More storytelling in tents: Whitehorse Spring Festival

I do have a thing for tents and for taking stories outside of controlled spaces and having a crack at delivering tales at festivals, in parks and gardens and on footpaths.

Yesterday I accepted the challenge of telling stories in a tent, 5 x 20 minute sessions, for the Whitehorse Spring Festival.

And it is a challenge as children are dragged away mid-story because there is something on somewhere else, and others come back for every session and I don't want to repeat myself.

People come for stories from many different language backgrounds with good and sometimes limited understanding of English (my only language). And I always meet people who cannot hear, who sign or who rely on hearing aids or both.

Yesterday I went armed with my kamishibai as I know from experience, kamishibai storytelling leaps over all the obstacles.

I was employed by The Dreaming Space for the festival and they had erected a very sweet tent which comfortably fits 40 or so. No photos of me as I was working alone and had no one to ask but I can share with you some images. You can see my kamishibai and I have erected my story brolly and decorated it with bunting and and my comics. They sold like hot cakes!


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