Tuesday, September 17, 2013

RMIT Media and Communications: making a movie

Life is never dull. This week I'm having fun wearing my actress hat and helping out a mate who is in her 3rd year of a Bachelor of Media Communication at RMIT.

The task is to create a 7 minute fiction piece on the subject of youth mental illness. The local Scout Hall has been transformed into a film set and apart from trains pulling in an out of the station opposite, its all coming together with ease.

Mark my words, these guys are the next generation of film and television producers. Its a privilege to be part of their journey.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Ladders to the Moon: traditional storytelling in Melbourne

Ladders to the Moon is a new traditional Storytelling night in Melbourne. The storytellers behind this wonderful initiative are passionate about building relationships between storytellers and listeners. Their vision is to create a culture where inexperienced people can learn the craft and the more seasoned can continue to grow and develop.

I’ve been wishing for something like Ladders for years; somewhere to meet fellow language and story lovers and keep up the stage miles. Thank you Simon Oats,Teena Hartnett, and Prem Jaya (Pictured top to bottom)

Next Ladders to the Moon: October 13
Place 303 High Street Northcote (Parking behind 303)
Time: 7.30
Cost: $10
Ladders to the Moon is also on Facebook

If you are interested in telling contact:
Simon Oats  0423 467 068 or 
Teena Hartnett  0405 447 093 or
email: storyladders@gmail.com

So many wonderful storytellers in Victoria http://www.storytellingvic.org.au/

Friday, September 13, 2013

A story for Anastasia: 'La Cucarachita'

This story was recorded as a gift for Anastasia. It was adapted from 'Cocharachita', published in 'Out of the Storyteller's Hat: new stories to tell 3-7 year olds' by Montgomery and Siovan Kelly.

More and more people are requesting stories that reflect the changing composition of their 'families'. This story was commissioned by a friend whose daughter is married to another woman and they are raising a beautiful little girl.

Apologies for the Spanish with the Australian accent. And apologies for the rattle of the camera. I guess that's the beauty of you tube, we can share our work so easily, a little pocket digital camera and its done! Enjoy.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

100 Story Building is open for business

100 Story Building is open for business. Today was the big launch, the doors were flung wide and with due ceremony big people and small people surged into the top story, conveniently located on ground level. (The other 99 stories are below the street and are only accessible via a trap door, which is currently cordoned off because of construction works).

Today was the culmination of several years of hard work. It all began in 2009 when Jenna Williams and Lachlann Carter met Dave Eggers who established 826 Valenicia (San Fransico) a centre designed to support students with their writing skills and get them excited about the literary arts.

100 Story building is an inspiring tale of Lachlann, Jenna and Jessica Tran’s commitment, not to mention all the volunteer, writers, illustrators and handy people of all sorts.

100 Story Building is located in central Footscray 92 Nicholson Street and will provide opportunities for marginalised children and young people - building literacy and confidence.

Read all about 100 Story Building HERE

Listen to interview with Lachlann and some young writers HERE

 pic: Young story makers off and away!
 pic: Bernard Caleo busking storyteller/comic book maker, Nicholson Street Mall

pic: Jenna, Lachlann and me at the end of the day

The inspirational Dave Eggers


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