Monday, September 16, 2013

Ladders to the Moon: traditional storytelling in Melbourne

Ladders to the Moon is a new traditional Storytelling night in Melbourne. The storytellers behind this wonderful initiative are passionate about building relationships between storytellers and listeners. Their vision is to create a culture where inexperienced people can learn the craft and the more seasoned can continue to grow and develop.

I’ve been wishing for something like Ladders for years; somewhere to meet fellow language and story lovers and keep up the stage miles. Thank you Simon Oats,Teena Hartnett, and Prem Jaya (Pictured top to bottom)

Next Ladders to the Moon: October 13
Place 303 High Street Northcote (Parking behind 303)
Time: 7.30
Cost: $10
Ladders to the Moon is also on Facebook

If you are interested in telling contact:
Simon Oats  0423 467 068 or 
Teena Hartnett  0405 447 093 or

So many wonderful storytellers in Victoria

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