Sunday, August 27, 2017

Melton Word Fest with the Story Peddler

Its been a while since I've had an adventure with the Story Peddler aka Patrick Verdon.
I get to do some wonderful things, well things that suit me and that I enjoy. One of my favourite requests is to accompany Patrick to festivals and fill his tent with stories.

Patrick conceived the idea of a small tent, without an internal post (that's important). It comfortably accommodates 60 +  and is a joy to work in.

While I try to be useful in setting up, I'm mostly asked to go and source large cafe lattes. I know I have posted many pictures of the tent but well .. I love it, so here are some more.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Children's Book Week at Museum Victoria

Proud to be published by Museum Victoria and excited to have been invited to lead the Book Week Parade through the Forest Gallery, past the dinosaurs, under the train tunnel and into the story space.
Honoured to be alongside authors Diane Jackson Hill and Melanie Raymond (publisher).

Hearty congratulations to Diane whose book, Chooks in Dinner Suits, is accumulating awards and all sorts of well deserved attention. You can check out more winners at the Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) website.

Beaker Street@TMAG: The Laborastory

I've been enjoying the variety of storytelling opportunities on offer and one of my favourite kind/genre (?) of stories are those with science themes. Melbourne hosts a fabulous monthly event called The Laborastory where I can get my fix. The Laborastory is a space where storytelling meets science. The stories are usually about a person whose life and research has touched the teller in some way.

So it was an honour to be invited to Hobart to MC the inaugural Laborastory in Hobart for the inaugural Science Week event, Beaker Street@TMAG.

Beaker Street@TMAG rocked. Over 5000 people came through the doors of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery over 3 evenings, all hungry to talk science. And the beauty of it is, it is accessible to folks with little science education (like me). All that is required is a curious mind. Presenters wandered the venue in glowing name tags so conversations could continue beyond the presentations and stories.

We had a healthy crowd at The Laborastory, an all women session with tales from passionate botanists from the early 1800s to  the present day. The team from L-R: self, Mary-Anne Lea, Laura Davis and Nicole Gill.


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