Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kamishibai at MOOMBA 8 -11 March 2013

MOOMBA:  A festival for the people still going strong after almost 60 years.

This is a festival that has always sought community involvement - its crazy, diverse and part of the social fabric of the city of Melbourne. Something to be proud of!

I'll be there with my kamishibai and my collection of stories from around the world, each one unique and illustrated by me. And yes folks  ... I will attempt to speak Spanish!

Full program here. You will find me listed under 'KIDS'

Maybe I'll see you there. Fingers crossed for fine weather.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Storytelling House Concert in Tasmania 2013

 I've just returned from ten days away in Tasmania. My daughter is studying at the University and living in a beautiful share house, walking distance form the centre of Hobart.

I had the use of an enormous sunshine filled bedroom facing out into the street. A little vegetable garden by the door offered some grazing opportunities.

On my second evening there, she organised a House Concert. Her friends arrived, arranged themselves on cushions and for two hours we shared stories and music.

This is the first time I've ever done a House Concert and I'm hooked. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Eastern Regional Libraries: Belgrave Literary Lunch. 28 February 2013

I'm looking forward to travelling to the Dandenongs and sharing the story behind the story of one of the first lyrebirds filmed and recorded in display. I also plan to show off Storytelling Australia (Vic's) new banner, designed and stitched by Susan Pepper.

Lyrebird! A true story is close to my heart and is part of a collection of original Tellable Australian Tales. These stories are in oral language for use by story makers working in the spoken tradition. I dream of these tales being told and spread around the world ... well we all have dreams ...

As well as stories, I will be showing a film which contains archival footage of my lyebird protagonist, taken in the 1930s by Ray Littlejohns.

Literary Lunch – Meet Jackie Kerin 

Jackie Kerin is a gifted storyteller whose presentations are loved by children and adults alike. Her book Phar Lap the Wonder Horse was selected as a notable book in the Children’s Book Awards. 

When Jackie came across the story of flower farmer, Edith Wilkinson and her garden guest James the lyrebird, she just had to share the story. The result was a prize winning short story which became a short film and then a children’s book published by Museum Victoria. 
This is an opportunity to hear a magical story which is part of the rich heritage of the Dandenongs. 

Cost $12.50 includes lunch 

Bookings essential 9754 7266 or online

12:30 pm Thursday 28/02/13

Belgrave Library


Book now!


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