Sunday, February 15, 2015

The holidays are over - bring on 2015!

I've enjoyed a wonderful break including several trips to Apollo Bay and one to Sydney. But now its nose to the grindstone, cleaning out the the essential story equipment and polishing up the Kamishibai.

The last few weeks have kept me busy writng submissions for festivals and blurbs for this and that (Oh for a secretary!) but that's all done and I  can now enjoy some creative stuff.

I've ditched the lock on the Kamishibai and replaced it with a 'thing' I found in a hardware store attached to a chain so I can't lose it. Children loved the lock but I was carrying the constant terror of locking myself out!

I've also been busy making more rebus puzzles for the K. Nothing like making a mess in the living room.

School visits started up last week and the bookings are coming in. As well as a secretary, I wouldn't mind a chauffeur.


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