Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pigeons. Stories in the Post. VOLUME 2

I was going to say intelligent and informative things about the Pigeons Projects in 2010 but have decided instead to give you the link so you can get the good news straight from the horse's mouth (bird's mouth). But I still must have my say.

Working with Pigeons is a privilege and a joy. This year my co author was Trinh and our story is called Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover. Over many months, and by snail mail, we have collaborated on this magical creation. And here we are, proudly holding up our copies of Pigeons in the Post VOL 2. The launch was the first time we met and yet after 12 letters passing between us, I felt like I had known her for a long time. Trinh is an inspiration. Her dialogue (especially when her characters are arguing) is feisty and real. She is a fearless editor - unafraid to take pink pen to the text and move things about.

Authors involved in this round of the anthology: Kirsty Murray, Sally Rippin, Meredith Costain, Michael Pryor, Paul Collins, Gabrielle Wang, Andrew McDonald, Jen Storer, Michael Hyde, Martine Murray, Jackie Kerin, Robert Greenberg, Claire Saxby, Tony Wilson, Bernard Caleo, Mirranda Burton, Alison Lloyd, Jen Breach, George Ivanoff,Stephanie Brotchie and Sherryl Clark. The 2010 project ran at Footscray City Primary School.

Here's a close up of the cover. Don't you just love it!

Pigeons is a community group dedicated to assisting children in improving their literacy skills and developing a passion for reading and writing. By offering project-based learning activities in line with teacher needs and curriculum objectives, Pigeons aims to cultivate creative partnerships between local public schools, authors and artists.

A core value of Pigeons is to celebrate and support the crucial role that teachers play in education and to provide resources that can be adapted and evolved to meet their needs in the classroom. Through collaboration and discussion with teachers, Pigeons is able to develop and deliver projects to meet curriculum needs.

Pigeons projects are delivered to schools and students at no charge.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Newport Artists Market : The Story Space

It was the final Artists Market for 2010 and Dharma, Dagmara, Claire Saxby and self set up our Story Space for the Xmas punters.

Once again, Dharma from Everlasting Books was multi tasking. Ably assisted by Gus, she set up the book table and when not promoting our books she took to the story chair with with guitar and ukulele.

Dagmara from Wild Goose Books was hopping between the Story Space and her own stall. Her beautiful hand made brooches, cards, puppets for sale. TREE, Dagmara's first book has almost sold out. Every copy of this gorgeous book has been assembled and stitched by hand. TREE is soon to be published in another form - I can't wait to see the 2011 version.

Claire put the smile on a few faces with autographed copies of There was an Old Sailor. One young fan was spotted at a table with her nose happily buried in her signed copy of Claire's Go Girl, Snow Play (soon to be released in Brazil!)

Of course, I sold a few Phar Laps. I would have thought everyone in Melbourne would have had one by now but NO! They sold out over the racing season and another reprint has been ordered in time for the Xmas sales.

I am sooo looking forward to my next book project hitting the stalls!!! All in good time ... all will be revealed ....

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Storytelling Garden: Variety Kids Xmas Party

I belong to a small group of storytellers who call themselves the Storytelling Garden. Our head honcho is Tania Tuttleby - the gal at the end of the line who takes bookings and generally tries to keep us organised. I'm sure she would say its a bit like trying to heard a bunch of cats!

For the past several years Tania and the Garden have supported the Variety Kids Xmas Party either as a financial sponsor or in kind.

Yesterday was party day. Thousands of children and families flocked to Jeff's Shed for rides, games, gifts and of course storytelling. It was exciting to meet some of our friends from the various special schools scattered around Melbourne.

Its an honour to be part of the celebrations and to tell stories to children on this special day

....and Variety is?
  • Variety is a charity for children because some kids are extra special.
  • Children growing up with disability, serious illness or disadvantage need help from a special charity.
  • Variety gives more than a million dollars worth of goods and services a month to Australian children with special needs.

See you there in 2011

To book Garden storytellers:
The Storytelling Garden

View my story programs Jackie Kerin

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Story Time

Wednesdays at 9:30am starting 8 December on Channel 31.

click on poster to enlarge

Story Time is a new children’s TV show centred on library Story Time sessions. Featuring a different Storyteller each week, all guests on the show are regular library performers and the show is hosted by a seven foot bear called Tall Ted.

The show has been made with the help of RMITV, the Dandenong Library, Casey Safety Village, the CFA and Myuna Farm.

Story Time has been developed in the hope that it will increase story time patronage for libraries throughout Australia. Each show will also feature a 15 second advertisement spruiking the local library story time experience.

Every episode features a craft that can be downloaded from the show’s web Visitors will also find a link to the Australian Libraries Gateway where they will find the contact information for their library.

View the Story Time Library advertisement here:

How can you help? Please download the Story Time poster from this

Please display it in your library. We hope that it creates a bit of buzz as the more people we can inform before the air date, the better. With your help Story Time will hopefully become a staple in every young child’s life.


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