Thursday, December 2, 2010

Story Time

Wednesdays at 9:30am starting 8 December on Channel 31.

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Story Time is a new children’s TV show centred on library Story Time sessions. Featuring a different Storyteller each week, all guests on the show are regular library performers and the show is hosted by a seven foot bear called Tall Ted.

The show has been made with the help of RMITV, the Dandenong Library, Casey Safety Village, the CFA and Myuna Farm.

Story Time has been developed in the hope that it will increase story time patronage for libraries throughout Australia. Each show will also feature a 15 second advertisement spruiking the local library story time experience.

Every episode features a craft that can be downloaded from the show’s web Visitors will also find a link to the Australian Libraries Gateway where they will find the contact information for their library.

View the Story Time Library advertisement here:

How can you help? Please download the Story Time poster from this

Please display it in your library. We hope that it creates a bit of buzz as the more people we can inform before the air date, the better. With your help Story Time will hopefully become a staple in every young child’s life.

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