Sunday, January 31, 2010


I have just returned from two weeks in the South Isle of NZ. As well as watching sperm whales and albatross and spending a night on Doubtful Sound - I visited Timaru, the birth place of Phar Lap. This picture was taken at the racecourse. A magnificent sculpture by Joanne Sullivan. The plaque reads ...

The Phar Lap Trust is proud to present this life sized statue of Phar Lap galloping over a map of New Zealand with his foot placed squarely over Timaru, a firm reminder of his South Canterbury heritage.

Phar Lap the wonderhorse (pub Museum Victoria and illustrated by Patricia Mullins) is enjoying a second print run. That's what happens hen you back winner!


Claire said...

Congratulations on a new print run. Long may Phar Lap run!

Luc gitarist said...

Hello Jackie; there was a movie I have seen wich was so emotional for me...this is a magnificent work I live to far to come and visit it every day ...congratulations for your work and patience to create this statue of my ever lasting love for this horse whom I think of every day ...greetings Luke - Belgium


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