Monday, April 12, 2010

Williamstown Literary Festival 2010

Greg O’Leary and Jackie Kerin


‘Before there were books, there were stories. The tradition of storytelling is connected to the book, like blossom to fruit.’ JK

Once upon a time, when there was no TV, no decent light to read by and when few were literate anyway - stories, poems and songs were swapped around the kitchens and campfires.

Join these yarn spinners, Greg and Jackie as they trade some of their favourite tales and tunes from Australia’s colourful past.

Greg O’Leary is a musician/raconteur. A collector of anecdotes and bush tunes, his great love is reviving the Aussie fiddle tradition and finding old fiddlers from which he can learn He is the founder and leader of the Newport Bush Orchestra. This is Greg’s first appearance at the WLF

Jackie Kerin is one of Australia’s travelling storytellers. Working in the oral tradition she travels to schools, cultural institutions and festivals. She breathes life into folk tales from around the world as well crafting her own stories from times past. Jackie is a member of the Storytelling Guild (Vic).

DATE: 1 MAY Saturday

TIME 4.30

VENUE: Marquee Williamstown Town Hall

COST: $7.00 ($5.00) Book online: or call 9932 4074.

book early it makes us happy!

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