Friday, May 7, 2010

Glenn Shea at the Williamstown Literary Festival

For the Williamstown Festival 2010 - GetUp OutWest arranged for Glenn Shea to run a session featuring a board game he developed as part of his work in youth justice.

The Storyteller is an educational tool. It provides knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal people, society and cultural in a fresh,fun and stimulating way. It encourages student inquiry whilst engaging students in literacy and numeracy skills. The educational resource is also generic and

Glen, a Wathaurong/Ngarrindjeri man, is a graduate of NIDA and a familiar face on several well-known television dramas. Recently he was involved in the dramatised documentary about William Buckley - working with local Wathaurong actors and actors brought down to Victoria from the Top End.

The Storyteller attracted a good number of keen players at the festival. If you're interested in The Storyteller, Glenn Shea's contact details are on the website

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