Thursday, June 24, 2010

Work continues on a digital story about a Lyrebird

The Lyrebird is the greatest songbird and mimic in the world. With film maker Malcolm McKinnon, I spent the day photographing ferny gullies and tall Blackwood trees around Olinda in the the Dandenongs. The bird spotting was not disappointing either. We heard kookaburras and whipbirds and got up close and personal with yellow robins, crimson rosellas, currawongs and scrub wrens. We heard that the Lyrebirds were about but didn't see any. I have no doubts that they saw us!

Being mid winter the flower gardens are dormant. The exotic collections of rhododendrons and magnolias are full of promise - covered with fleshy buds. The indigenous Mountain Ash, mostly regrowth since the 1962 bushfires, are looking awesome. We'll be back!

With a bit of luck - the result of the this project will be on our websites for you to see in a few months. Slow, steady and meticulous - that's us.

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