Sunday, November 7, 2010

Newport Artists Market : The Story Space

The Newport Artist's Market supports performers.

As well as the jewellery makers, visual artists, clothes designers, chefs, pastry cooks and wine makers, there are musicians and storytellers - both authors and spoken tale weavers.

There is a need to provide something for children on trading days and the Market is the perfect place for intimate storytelling. When I take to the chair, I have a wonderful sense of being part of an ancient tradition - stories alongside food and wine - the staples of a good life.

Of course being November, it's the racing season and time to tell the story of Phar Lap. There are some who still confuse zebras with thoroughbred racehorses - but I think it makes for a heartwarming photo.

Big thanks to the Substation for their support of artists of all kinds

The Substation is a not for profit association whose aims are to transform the Newport Substation building and create a community arts centre which will provide a venue for the cultural development of the local community.

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