Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Workshops for Child Care workers

How does one teach confidence and repertoire?

Well after a bit of a chat about storytelling we brainstormed as many rhymes and chants as we could remember and one at a time participants took to the chair and shared their knowledge.

Sitting on cushions and with the perspective of a small child we clapped, nodded and stomped away 2 hours.

As facilitator I was challenged keeping up with the pace and taking notes.

Several of the participants were new to this centre and fearless in their willingness to have a go.

To an outsider we must have looked quite nutty but there is no doubt in my mind that PD days like this are a fabulous time to refresh and expand.

These workers are passing on some of the oldest pieces of our oral culture and adding new bits on the way.

My head felt like it had been in the washing machine when it was all over!!!

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