Friday, March 30, 2012

A Grimm Reminder: Belgrave Library 29 March 2012

Last night we launched A Grimm Reminder at Belgrave Library, one of the libraries in the Eastern Regional cluster.

Around the world story folk are celebrating the anniversary of the publication of the first anthology of the Grimm's Children's and Household Tales.

A Grimm Reminder is a collection of tales for adult audiences and we were uncertain if we would attract a crowd. Well!! We had a full house!

One of the very special surprises of the evening where the ancient editions of the tales that two of our guests produced. One was printed in England in 1897 with superb illustrations by Robert Cruikshank. Another was a Dutch edition, a family treasure that had been rebound will illustrations by Anton Pieck. In this photo, I am holding neither unfortunately - it is a copy of Grimm's Grimmest, a contemporary anthology. Wonderful nonetheless.

Thanks to Eastern Regional Libraries for making us so welcome, to storyteller JJ Sheills for the planning and the fabulous story (a modern re-telling of Red Cap) and to Matteo for all the driving and The Griiffin. My contribution to the evening was the tasteless tale of The Three Army Surgeons.

Next Grimm Reminder: Saturday April 21 PAVE Festival

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