Friday, June 13, 2014

Australian Fairy Tale Society Inaugural Conference 2014

Just returned from chairing the inaugural Australian Fairy Tale Society Conference. I managed to keep the day on time which was a huge relief. Time management is not a skill I boast about! This Society is a wonderful initiative. The best I can do to share the day with you, is this slide show. Here you can see the presenters and glean an idea of the strength of the papers.The AFTS is a not-for-profit society focused on collecting, preserving, discussig, sharing and creating Australian fairy tales.

I urge you to visit the new website:

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Sadami said...

Hi, Jackie, very happy to know your wonderful work! I wish I could hear your story telling in person(i'm in Sydney.) I'm also happy to find Book Illustrated at your blog site -- Ann is my mentor! I'm working with Helen Chamberlin now. I'm a Japanese speaker. So, I perfectly understand what you meant in Kamisibai. Keep up wonderful work!!!!
Best wishes, Sadami


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