Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Monash Fairy Salon: 2014 Symposium

As part of the Glen Eira Storytelling Festival, hosted by Monash Fairy Tale Salon these Symposiums are a coming together of the academic, literary, oral story teller and musician – in our turn we all had a chance to read, tell, sing, ask questions and generally enjoy the moosh of ideas that spin on the notion of Fairy Tale. The delight is the palpable joy the attendees express as ideas fly around the room and creative and intellectual dots are joined. This year there was a strong theme on the connection of the European folk tale tradition and how it informed the postcolonial Australian tale spinners, what happens when a story emigrates, or when the affection of a genre is transported into a new landscape? I had a wonderful time airing two of my Australian Tellable Tales from a set of stories that rarely get to breathe.

Pic: Front L-R: Belida Calderone, Dr Danielle Wood. Centre: Roslyn Quin, Jackie Kerin, Louisa John-Krol Suzann Sandow. Back: Toby Eccles, Anna McCormack
Learn more about Monash Fairy Tale salon HERE

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