Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tucker Rd Bentleigh PS and Ford Street Publishing Literary Festival 2014

This was a literary festival held at a primary school for the grades 4 – 6. The time-table was abandoned and the whole day was dedicated to celebrating stories. The festival included the launch of Adam Wallace’s latest, Jamie Brown is NOT Rich, a literary quiz, a book-stall and show-bags. But at the heart of the day were the workshops. There were 10 on offer and each student had the opportunity to participate in 3. One only has to look at the list of presenting illustrators and authors to see the quality that was on offer: Paul Collins, Corrine Fenton, Kevin Burgemeestre, Meredith Costain, Adam Wallace, Claire Saxby, Ian Trevaskis, Sue Lawson, Andrew Plant and George Ivanoff.  Between them, these people offered serious, hilarious, ridiculous, profound, fictional and non fictional sessions.  Even Jordon the Labrador (seeing eye dog in training) was swept along in the excitement that never flagged from the get-go.

This awesome idea of having a Literary Festival in a school has won me over completely

My role was that of MC and it was a joy to work alongside Paul Collins and Ford Street Publishing and the staff of Tucker Road Bentleigh PS.

Read all about Ford Street HERE

pics: The line up of authors and illustrators. Ford Street gave all the students small books for them to collect autographs and they took to this idea with gusto!

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