Friday, April 24, 2015

Kamishibai story travelling the Flyway: Williamstown Literary Festival 2015

This is a kamishibai story about the migration of the Red Necked Stints from SE Australia to Siberia and back. 

Its been passed down the East Asian Australasian Flyway from the Yatsuhigata Tideland Observation Centre in Narashino City Japan, to Boondall Wetland in Brisbane in 2008, to me in Hobsons Bay (SE Australia) in 2015. 

I'm standing on the Strand in Newport. You can see Melbourne in the background. Directly behind me is Sandy Point, where I can observe the stints from September to March. A tiny piece of land 12 ks from the CBD. Thank you to the council, the rangers, the Friends of Greenwich Bay - how fragile it all is! I wonder what we could send back along the Flyway to the wetlands in the countries to the north?

So if I seem Kamishibai obsessed, I think you might understand why. A mode of storytelling that leaps language barriers ..

I'm working on a storytelling piece with friend and classical violinist, Sarah Depasquale for the WIlliamstown Literary Festival called 'Tales from the Flyway'. This will be one of the tales.

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This is the video that sparked my interest.

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