Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Telling stories in the Story Peddlers tent

Children's author Sally Rippon and Coffee Peddler, Patrick Verdon, have combined their talents and created a story tent. Patrick has designed and stitched this magical space that loads into a small caravan mounted on a tricycle.

Pitched on the grass at a small suburban primary school, the grade 1s and 2s were in for an end of year treat. (To the envy of all the others!)

We comfortably squeezed 60 small people into the space. I can only imagine what was going on inside those heads. Glazed looks of wonder, the children loved the exquisite agony of the wait, there was much peeping and running away.

There is something of the carnival and circus about the tent. It was an absolute delight telling stories in the Peddlers tent. A highlight of my year, of that there is no doubt!

You can find The Story Peddlers HERE

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