Friday, April 24, 2009

Williamstown Literary Festival May 1-3

Williamstown will be buzzing with writers from all over Melbourne. This festival is the biggest in the west. There will be a mix of forums, workshops, performances and awards. 
* Sun 1.15 - WRITERS AND PROMOTION. Claire Saxby will host a  discussion with children's authors, Corinne Fenton and Glenda Millard. Its not easy crawling out from behind the writing desk and actively promoting your work. 

* 3.45  BEFORE THERE WERE BOOKS, THERE WERE STORIES.  Talking about oral traditions. Covering nursery rhymes to traditional folk and fairy tales to the task of writing new stories in language for speaking rather than reading. If you are curious about how this traveling storyteller thinks - come along and join me.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,

I had to run off to meet a friend, and so missed your session, but I wanted to let you know how nice it was to meet you at the Willy Lit Fest!

Karen Healey


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