Sunday, August 23, 2009

Children's Book Week 2009

Celebrating Children's Book Week at the Abbottsford Convent with fellow scribes and illustrator. Clare Saxby is proudly showing of her new book Sheep Goat and the Creaking Gate, Mark Austin is looking dashing with Ringle Tingle Tiger and Jaqui Grantford is putting the finishing touches on her teddy bear painting. I am squeezed in the middle with Phar Lap who is sporting a lovely sticker - an Eva Pownall book of note! It was a long day, crowds of children and families enjoyed the activities and shows. The Convent is the perfect venue for Book Week and the weather was spectacular. The committee, who organise this event, are all volunteers, the authors and illustrators donate their time and energy and it is astonishing how it all comes together on the day. Looking a little crazy in this pic, it should be noted that all the authors and illustrators at the the CBC celebrations are extraordinarily talented and creating wonderful books as their websites attest.

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