Friday, December 18, 2009

Pigeons. Stories in the post

Cooking Up A New Friend. Pigeons is a community group dedicated to assisting children in improving their literacy skills and developing a passion for reading and writing. Pigeon Letters paired students from a suburban primary school with Australian children's authors in collaborative writing projects, through the exchange of letters. I was matched with Kaydi. The result of our collaboration is a fantastic story called "Cooking Up A New Friend". Kaydi is holding up the anthology of stories. Its an amazing testament to the energy and enthusiasm of Jenna Williams and Lachlann Carter, the drivers of this project, teachers and authors who donated their time. Kaydi and I met for the first time at the launch - we were a perfect match! Both a bit nutty! (Well its the best way to be.)
Other authors involved in the project: Sally Rippin, Claire Saxby, Jane Godwin, Michael Wagner, Tony Wilson, Michael Hyde, Michael Pryor, Paul Collins, Meredith Costain, Alison Lloyd and Kirsty Murray.

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