Monday, December 14, 2009

Welcome Debbie Guneratne UK Storyteller

The VIC GUILD Storytellers welcome and share stories with Sri Lankan born, UK storyteller Debbie Guneratne.

This is the second time this year the Guild has hosted an overseas teller. Having a website and facebook has made us more accessible to the world and it is our pleasure to make these travellers welcome in our homes.

Claudette opened her door to us (and her kitchen) in Albert Park and we celebrated in festive style with food and wine.

Debbie Guneratne is an International Storyteller and the Artistic Director of Create. She founded Small Tales Storytelling Clubs, which train the storytellers of the future and leads educational workshops for The Royal National Theatre. She also works with young offenders and alienated youth, using story to help them reshape the direction of their lives.

Debbie told us a little of her life story in her unique style – a bilingual teller, she used a blend of autobiography and mythology, conversational and stylised language to weave her spell. Debbie’s family migrated to the UK when she was about 10 years old. She trained as a geologist but lives life as a travelling storyteller.

Debbie also talked about the work of other UK tellers – the way people are choosing to define themselves – as Performance Tellers and Fireside Tellers and the nuts and bolts of public liability and working with children checks. We enjoyed some discussion about the trends in the US, copyright and linguistic confusion in the States when describing oneself as a “storyteller” to customs!

Hearing tales from Renata, Janet, Pamela, JB, and Jim was a treat.

Cheers to all


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