Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I first bumped into the amazing Mal Webb at the Spirit of Woodford Awards. Mal describes himself on his website as a 'vocal adventurer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist'. He is also a wonderful storyteller.

I attended one of Mal's workshops at the Port Fairy Festival and learned more about sound and the human potential for vocal expression in one hour than I learned in three years of drama school. (Well I guess that was a long time ago.)

For anyone working with their voice: singer, actor, storyteller - no matter what your training and background - a session with Mal will open your mind to places beyond imagining. Do I sound like an advertisement? Well ... like Big Kev used to say, 'I'm excited!' I am a fan and yes I plan to learn how to yodel, will never again pop plosives into the mic - and I think I'll learn Tuvan throat singing (just to annoy the neighbours). http://www.malwebb.com/

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