Thursday, March 25, 2010

Storytelling Guild(Vic) welcomes UK visitor Naomi Wilds

The Storytelling Guild (Vic) gathered for the AGM at Wonthaggi - on the beautiful Bass Straight coast. (March 20). After dispensing with the formalities we had the pleasure of showing our UK visitor some of the sights. Gael Cresp (chairperson of the Guild, published writer and storyteller) and her husband Stephen have created a beautiful home over looking the water.

Naomi Wilds describes herself as a self employed Producer of Storytelling and Music Performances. She grew up in Bath but is now living in the East Midlands in Derby, north of Birmingham; she is passionate about putting storytelling into the spotlight.

Her company ADVERSE CAMBER works with storytellers and musicians to tour distinctive stories that inspire adult audiences.

ADVERSE CAMBER became a company in 2009. With the support of Arts Council and Lottery Grants they employ a director/artistic adviser, designer, vocal coach and choreographer to work on the shows. The shows, drawn from Celtic mythology, are one story told across a night. Future plans include storytellers with connections to African and Asian story traditions.

Naomi has nurtured a passion for stories from childhood when she was spellbound by the folk tale Cap-o'-Rushes, the classic English fairy tale collected by Joseph Jacobs in English Fairy Tales. Naomi is currently in Australia, having been funded as an independent Producer to connect with storytelling elsewhere in the world and to expand her understanding of the art form.

Following on from this weekend she is flying off to Central Australia for a camping trip with some of the traditional owners of Uluru and then off to New Zealand to meet with storytellers in the land of the long white cloud.

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