Thursday, July 29, 2010

Edith's Lyrebird: the work continues

The work continued this week on the story of Edith Wilkinson and the Lyrebird that lived in her garden in Ferny Creek in the 1930s. Thanks to the wonderful education officers at the Melbourne Zoo, I was directed to return to The Agus Newspaper website and search for Edith. I had of course done a search a few years ago but had been unsuccessful. However my new best friend, Zoo Anne, suggested I narrow my search by using inverted commas. WHAMO!!! Here she is: February 6 1936.

The film project with Malcolm McKinnon is drawing to completion. We are just waiting for some archival footage and my friend Greg O'Leary (walking archive of Australian Bush tunes) is recording the music.

The book project is moving along slowly. Retelling a true story is a dance and I am enjoying myself immensely. I never tire of this beautiful tale.

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