Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tall Ted: Channel 31. Making television programs for early childhood

Storytime with Tall Ted is the brain child of Bret Dalgleish. Bret has dreamed of making a series of programs for television for the very young for years. His dream is finally becoming a reality. Channel 31 was impressed by his pilot program and have given him the go ahead to make his first series. Using the skills of storytellers and librarians Bret sets the scene for each episode as Tall Ted then invites his guests to tell stories, sing and demonstrate craft activities that can be downloaded from TT's website and tried out at home. The series will go to air in November and
will be seen around Australia.

Several storytellers from the Storytelling Guild (Vic) have contributed to Storytime including JB Rowley, JJ Shiells and Gael Cresp

Recording took place in the RMIT studios in Swanston Street.

Here are some pics of Claire Saxby and myself on the set with TallTed.
Those puppeteers were having a lot of fun: Nick Spunde, Steve Rossiter and Tessa Irwin

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