Monday, August 9, 2010

The Last Outlaw: 30 years on a re-unioun 6 - 8 August

The Ned Kelly Weekend Festival is in its 7th year. Widely regarded as the country's most important annual celebration of the Kelly legend, this year the event commemorated the 130 year anniversary of Ned's committal hearing held in the Beechworth Courthouse. In addition, the Festival committee arranged for a re-unioun of the cast of The Last Outlaw, as it was 30 years since the series was filmed.

A four part mini series created by the late Bronwyn Binns and Ian Jones, this landmark production remains unmatched by other
attempts to tell the story. Everything from
location, costumes, buildings and props was represented as accurately as possible.

It was an eye-opener learning that people from all over Australia had travelled to Beechworth for the Festival. The locals and guests donned superb costumes - many of the women's dresses being made by a local seamstress with an extraordinary attention to detail. These were no ordinary frocks!

As for the cast of The Last Outlaw - we have all aged as you can see in the pics - but fit and well nonetheless! As Annie Kelly I died in episode one - sadly as a result of giving birth. So I was not on the set long. But as Ned's big sister and Ellen Kelly's eldest child, I was one of the family.

This was truly a very special event and I thank Adam Jenkins, the Festival committee and the people of Beechworth for their generosity and hospitality.

Jackie (Annie Kelly), John Jarratt (Ned), Ric Herbert (Steve Hart), Elaine Cusick (Ellen Kelly), Gerard Kennedy (Harry Power)

The Kelly women: Debra Larwence (Maggie), Sigrid Thorton(Kate). Kaarin Fairfax (Grace), Elaine Cusick (Ma Kelly), Celia De Burgh (Catherine Lloyd)

The Festival committee gathered together the four suits of armour which were on display all weekend in the Town Hall. (Imagine the cost of the insurance. ouch!)

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