Monday, August 16, 2010

Words in Winter Daylesford 14 - 15 August 2010

The Magic Lantern and Music show

Words in Winter is a celebration of words in all their forms and expressions throughout the Helpburn Shire. This year the Storytelling Guild was proudly associated with two events.

On Saturday David Demant was kept busy with three of his Magic Lantern Shows. He packed the Daylesford Town Hall - full to overflowing with children who delighted in the old technologies.

In David's words, "In the 19th Century, there was no TV, 3D, computers or Blue-ray. But there were other things that were just as special."

We were treated to music stored in pins and sounds stored on cylinders of wax. David is Senior Curator Information and Communication at Museum Victoria. He is also a member of the Storytelling Guild of Victoria.

David believes that storytelling is the most effective form of communication in museums and everywhere else.

Before there
were books, there were storytellers

John Bowers dressed for the occcasion

On Sunday, The Ballarat Story Tellers played host to over thirty guests who ventured to the Daylesford Historic Court House. A freezing and wet afternoon, we were overwhelmed by the interest in our artform. Hosted by John Bowers and supported by Rheta, Jan
and others, there was much panic in the kitchen as we wondered if we had enough food. Once again Claudette from the Vic Guild had donated chai and we managed to consume 6 litres!

The BST are outstanding yarn spinners and as the event progressed, several of the guests spontaneously took to the story chair. Stories ranged from the improvised, the autobiographical, historical and fanciful.

I look forward to 2011, another bucket of chai and more fabulous stories.

Thanks to all the Ballarat Storytellers who worked to make it happen at Words in Winter.

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