Sunday, September 12, 2010

Children's Book Week: Across the Story Bridge

August is a busy time of year for storytellers, authors and illustrators. Across Australia in school halls, classrooms, libraries and in this case - the gymnasium - stories are being told, read, acted out .... absorbed by thousands and thousands of children.

It's difficult to get photos as I can't put pictures of the children on my blog and also I'm usually so busy, the last thing I think of is a pic - even though I diligently pack my camera for every gig. At this particular school one of the teachers snapped me in action (sans children) and emailed it through. The teachers and students go to great trouble to create signage to celebrate the theme of Book Week, the short listed authors and their favourite books. I am sitting in front of one such installation.

As someone who straddles both the oral tradition and the written (my book Phar Lap the wonder horse was listed in 2009) this is a very special if not exhausting time of year.

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