Saturday, September 18, 2010

Phar Lap the wonder horse

The fascination with the great race horse Par Lap never seems to fade. Although he died in 1932 his mounted hide in Melbourne Museum remains one of the most popular exhibits.

I was in the MOV yesterday and had the chance to view the current PL exhibition. When the champ died his mounted hide came to Melbourne, his bones went to New Zealand and his heart to Canberra. Some bright spark had the idea to unite the relics and display them in the MOV. Well ... the heart is too fragile to move but the skeleton is on display.

I confess to feeling a little shocked. The hide is so real that it's possible to believe that PL is in some state of suspended animation and any moment he will breathe. However with the skeleton in the room that day dream is brutally dispelled.

My book is well displayed in the Museum shop. And as I browsed the store, I was delighted to see it being sold. I even had the chance to sign a copy for a couple who bought one to send to their grandson in Denver in the USA.

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