Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Village: 4 - 7 November

The Village: is a cross between a festival, a fairground and a fete. A collection of temporary theatre spaces- tents, inflatables, busses caravans and shipping containers.

The Village: is an act of optimism in a cynical world. The intention of the Village is to have artists and community members leave with a strong sense of the essential goodness of people

This will be my 5th year with The Village. Usually friend Matteo and self, work hard in a little tent telling stories to tiny people but this year we are trying something different.

Hope you can visit us. We are planing to tell some of our very favourite, very old and traditional tales. I often say about these stories - that if they were solid and I could hold them in my hand, they would be so valuable, I would have an armed guard at my side. Glad that is not the case and we can share

Come and join us ...

In the Yurt with Matteo and Jackie
Bedtime Stories for big people
9.30 - 10.00
Thursday 4
Friday 5

Where: Edinburgh Gardens, Nth Fitzroy
Weekdays: gates open 6.00pm
Weekends: Midday

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