Sunday, October 10, 2010

Western Union Writers celebrate 25 years

Western Union Writers gathered to feast and share stories. A celebration of 25 years of writing fiction, oral histories, poetry, nonfiction ... the lot!

This group is an inspiration and a testament of what can be achieved if writers and storytellers support each other.

As part of the evenings entertainment the Storytelling Guild was invited along to tell a yarn or two. David Demant and jb Rowley joined me in sharing this most pleasurable task.

I met many extraordinary people on the night but I was particularly thrilled to finally meet Margaret Campbell. I had an email conversation with Margaret some years ago when I was working to help coordinate the youth program for the Williamstown Literary Festival but we never met. Margaret started the Western Union Young Writers in 1994. Currently the group ranges in age from 10 - 15. They run a national writing competition (judged by Sheryl Clark) and self publish - they actually hand make their books of which there are 8 titles.

Congratulations to the Western Union ( especially Helen Cerne and Bronwen Hickmen) and thank you for your generosity and support of our storytelling guild.

pic: storyteller jb Rowley in conversation with Margaret Campbell (seated)

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