Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bayside Arts and Cultural Centre: community open day

To celebrate the opening of the new gallery in Brighton, there was a community open day. The jewel box of a Town Hall, built sometime in the late 1800s on the corner of Wilson and Carpenter Streets has had several lives. I remember when I was very young, it housed the Brighton Library. I can still recall the sound of the linoleum under my school shoes and the smell of polish. In the 70s, the cool guys went to the the Town Hall to see surfing movies.

Today it was full of folk visiting the exhibitions in the two new galleries. In the body of the hall, tables were laid out with paper and paints and children were busy creating their own masterpieces and artists and easels were dotted in the surrounding gardens. There were devonshire teas, musicians and stilt walkers, curator's talks, animation workshops ...

My story space was a perfect corner in the
exhibition: Day Trippers and Holiday Makers: by the Bay 1980 -1920. A fabulous evocative and informative show, the local punters were loving it. Sitting in my story chair is curator Elle Credin looking justifiably proud of a terrific show.

The next person to take to my chair was Dave Evans. Playing the role of wandering minstrel to
perfection, Dave gave the impression of being
here there and everywhere! A quick google of Dave when I came home and I learned he has much to share with us and is a staple in several bands. If you want to savour Dave's talents click here to get started.

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