Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Keeping Books Alive. Conference. 26 November 2011

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Children's Charity Network and the Australian Children's Literary Board Seminar.

A professional development seminar designed to inform and inspire secondary and primary teachers, librarians and those interested in promoting literacy.

Speakers include Michael Salmon, Meredith Costain, Phil Kettle and Gabrielle Wang and many others.

I will be there telling stories. My mantra for those who don't already know: Before there were books, there were stories. Oral storytelling is connected to the book like blossom to fruit.

Features of the day include many prizes, gourmet catering, great ideas to implement at the work-place, latest news and availability of presenters, handouts, signings and lively discussion.

Registration fee: $110

Please direct all enquiries to:

Rob Leonard

Ph (03) 5282 8950

Fax: (03) 4206 7811


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