Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Grimm Reminder with Matteo, JJ and Julia. 4 August 2012

pic: JJ Sheills and Matteo introducing A Grimm Reminder

A Grimm Reminder started out as a set of stories to celebrate 200 years since the first edition of Children's and Household Tales. With storytelling mates, Matteo and JJ Sheills, we presented our first Reminder in Belgrave Library and then moved on to Emerald for the PAVE Festival. It was always our hope that other tellers would join us as we moved about. At Mentone Public Subscription Library Julia Reichstein joined us with a very entertaining version of Rumpelstiltskin.  

Hopefully there will be more Grimm Reminders before the year is out. I've had a wonderful 2012 working with Chaucer (Canterbury Tales) and the Grimm anthologies. These stories are so engrained in our imaginations, we  (well ...I know I do ) tend to take them for granted.

pic: Julia Reichstein thinking about straw and its potential to be transformed into gold!

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