Monday, August 13, 2012

Lyrebird! a true story. Coming soon ... November 2012

Coming soon... in November 2012

Lyrebird! a true story
‘Well heavens to Betsy! ..
You’re no ordinary chook!’

When Edith met a cheeky young lyrebird on her garden path, she could not guess that he would one day be known as ‘A Miracle of the Dandenongs’.
Soon, James the lyrebird was singing and dancing for Edith, mimicking the birdsongs and other sounds that echoed through the bush. Word of their friendship spread and people travelled from near and far to film and record James. But with people came change ...

This is a true story, retold and beautifully illustrated by Peter Gouldthorpe, celebrating a remarkable friendship between a gardener and one of Australia’s most extraordinary birds.
Published by Museum Victoria, 2012.

You can see archival footage of Lyrebird James in this short film version of the story made in collaboration with Malcolm McKinnon.

I never do anything in a hurry and this book is no exception. In the process of putting this story together, I’ve enjoyed many hours in the State Library, trips into the Dandenongs to observe Lyrebirds in display, visited gardens and interviewed many gardeners. You are too numerous to thank individually but I hope that in the coming months I will see you all again and I can share the book with you.

Visit Lyrebird! a true story and enjoy some beautiful photographs and the story behind the story.

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