Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Book launch Mariam Issa: A Resilient Life. One woman's refugee journey.

I first met Mariam Issa when I was involved in the Human Library project with the Springvale Library in August earlier this year. 

Mariam is an exceptionally articulate storyteller and this translates into effortless writing. I went to the launch of A Resilient Life this morning. The Brighton Town Hall was full to bursting with Mariam's friends and family. Immediately following the ceremony, I pounced on the book table for my copy and balancing tea and a plate of spicy nibbles, I opened and began reading.  Back in the car to drive home - I read some more ... home now, and still reading.

Mariam was born 500 kilometres south of the Somali capital, Mogadishu - the tenth child and now she lives in East Brighton with her husband and five children. A Resilient Life tells the story in between her birth and now. This is a generous story, Mariam's perceptions are wise, thought provoking and expressed with dignity and respect for others.

I have little else to say - I have to get back to the book. You can buy it on line and I recommend that you do.

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