Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lyrebird! A true story is officially launched!

I never intended to have an official launch for this book - just too busy! But my local Folk Club (The Newport Fiddle and Folk Club) offered to host a bash to celebrate. I'm so glad and honoured that they did. I feel now that I can rule a line under this work and say 'it's done!'

Reflecting on the day - I feel very touched and a little overwhelmed at the work the club put in. The Newport Bush Orchestra turned up, The Choir sang, my friends Greg and Gerry MCd and set the atmosphere. Mate Greg O'Leary played a beautiful Hoagy Carmichael song, partner John gave us a mini lecture on "The Lyrebird in Art", buddy Christine sang in front of a montage of images of displaying birds and Zoe and Alan stilled the room with style and melody. Gerry took some wonderful photos which tell the story of the day better than anything.

For information about the Newport Fiddle and Folk Club


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