Saturday, January 19, 2013

Making a told story into a comic

Increasingly I've heard myself describing my work as 'story making' rather than 'story telling' because that's what it feels like I'm doing.

I've been having fun with kamishibai storytelling and this relates to manga so taking one of my kamishibai stories and making it into a little comic seems a logical step. 

But here's the thing ... apart from being a lover of comics from even before I could read - I've never tried to make one. Now I'm having a go, I'm sensing the pace, the pauses, the rhythm in the comic just like performance storytelling. (Does that makes sense?)

This is draft no.3 of page one and dammit!! I can still see mistakes. This is a head spinning dance of pictures and text.

Well it might come to nothing but I am having a wonderful time learning by doing!

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Beth Cregan said...

Love this post and your new venture. Can't wait to see the end product.


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