Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Off to Rome to the Federation For European Storytelling Conference and Festival 2013

I’m off to Rome for the Federation for European Storytelling Conference. Its a privilege to represent my storytelling colleagues from Storytelling Australia (Vic). Seems like the popularity of oral storytelling is going from strength to strength. Look no further than UK Daniel Morden’s spectacular impact at the recent Sydney Writer’s Festival.

I won’t be presenting at the FEST Conference; Australia is not a member of the Federation (wrong continent) but I have memory stick in my bag with photos and introductions of some of the finest Victorian Tellers that I will show off with pride.

Following the Conference I’ll be working at the Rome International Storytelling Festival where I have a show, for children and one for adults. I'll be telling original stories based on material bandicooted from the State Library of Victoria newspaper indexes, tall stories inspired by the work of Graham Seal and Bill Wannan, stuff from my own head blended with urban myth and I have my indi comics/zines and original kamishibai story packs to trade.

I’ll be working with Mariella Bertelli, who will also be translating for me. Mariella visited Storytelling Australia (Vic) a while ago – some of you will remember her tale from The Decameron.

As I lay my stuff out to pack – I'm thinking it looks like I've raided one of those Aussie souvenir shops in Swanston Street but I can assure you, its all of the finest quality, original and loved. I've purchased a new memory card for my camera with the plan of documenting the experience to share on my return.


Thanks for your support:
 and family and other friends.

 Might see some of you at the Newport Folk Festival (5 - 7 July) when I get back. There will be plenty of storytelling. I'll be there with my friend Dharma looking after the story needs of little people but there is plenty planned for big people. Check out a summary of events HERE

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