Monday, July 1, 2013

Back from Rome: the Federation for European Storytelling Conference and Storytelling Festival 2013

The idea for a European Federation for European Storytelling was first mooted in 2001, in Paris at the Maison du Conte in response to the challenge faced by storytellers to be recognized for their art. Behind the Federation is the idea that as a group, storytellers would have more ‘weight’ as well as providing a network for building expertise, collaborations, and the development of new storytellers.

Since its formation, FEST has met in Oslo (Norway), Lausanne (Switzerland), Reading (England) and Toledo (Spain).

This year, FEST attracted 90 delegates. The non member guests included, Canada, Pakistan, the USA, Singapore and Australia. It was my privilege to represent Storytelling Australia (Victoria).

I had some fun with my little digital camera and imovie and as result you can share some of the adventure.

The Storytelling Festival followed on from the FEST Conference. I had fun with my Italian colleague and translator Mariella Bertelli. These are some slides of our antics. 

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Melanie Plag said...

You did a great job with the video about FEST, Jackie! It tells much more than a written report or still photos. I will share a link with those who couldn't come to Rome. Thank you.

Melanie (Dutch Storytelling Foundation, the Netherlands)


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