Monday, July 15, 2013

The Adventures of Split Dog and Ol'Joe no 2 is out now

In my enthusiasm to see my Intelligent Tall Tales in the universe as a comic, and being unable to convince any publishers that it was a grand idea, I've made my own. A little DIY comic. This is adventure 2.

When telling stories to Italian children in Rome recently, I was delighted to see how my little comics leapt the language barrier.

I sell them for $2.00 each and there is nothing so heart warming as exchanging a warm and sticky gold coin for an ephemeral little book.

Split Dog (the dog who is two legs up and two legs down) appears in traditional stories in Britain, America and Australia. But these are my Split Dog stories.

Special thanks to Bernard Caleo for encouraging me to have a go instead of whinging and wishing someone would do it for me.

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