Friday, October 25, 2013

My first volunteer shift at 100 Story Building

It’s Friday and what a week!

My study is a mess. I think it’s a sign of a creative week. It began with my first volunteer shift at 100 Story Building.  This project is close to my heart. At last I have a place where I can donate some time and skill towards boosting opportunities for marginalised children in my community. I’m no good at committees, grant writing, office management, social networking, spelling … blah blah blah …  but I am good at making stories. I had a brilliant and challenging time on my first shift. I’ve got a lot of experience under my belt OK … but there is always so much to learn. And it was a learning curve watching Lachlann Carter and the way he structured the workshop and managed the relationships. 

My best moment: I was despairing that boy from Timor Leste would leave without making anything. His teacher spotted a picture book on the shelves written in Tetum – one of the languages of  East Timor. It was the legend of the crocodile. His face lit up and he proceeded to make a beautiful diorama in a shoebox – a paper and cardboard vision of his imaginary world.

Thank you to whoever donated that book. It was the key.

Pic: Lachlann at work

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